Managing Costs

BlueLink TPA understands that controlling health care costs is a priority for employers. That's why we offer two types of programs designed to maximize the health care investment.

Managing medical treatment

First, we offer a selection of medical management programs. We know you need the best value for your benefit dollars and your employees want high quality care. To balance these needs, our medical management programs work with providers and patients to ensure that health care services are medically necessary and delivered in optimal settings. The programs help reduce the potential for costly medical complications and help meet patients' medical, personal and financial needs most effectively.

Managing Health and Wellness

We also encourage employers to use our Health and Wellness Services. Our suite of programs give your employees the tools they need to live better, and the variety of programs means you can tailor your offerings to the health needs of your population. When employees are healthier, they have fewer health complications, respond to treatments better and are less likely to require medical intervention.

Medical Management Programs

BlueLink TPA's medical management programs are included in the administration of your health plan. The programs focus on monitoring and improving clinical effectiveness and the efficiency of health care delivery. Programs include:

  • Pre-admission notification
  • Concurrent review/discharge planning
  • Medical review/prior authorization
  • Medical case management
  • Mental health/chemical dependency case management
  • Utilization review
  • Program integrity (fraud and abuse)
  • Learn more about reducing health plan costs with health improvement programs

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