Online health assessment toolkit

BlueLink TPA offers an online personal health assessment and coaching program that delivers targeted, personalized health support to employees. Participants who complete the online health assessment receive results immediately and get a personal health plan with action steps and access to a variety of online courses.

Tools to encourage participation

We’ve learned that effective communication combined with incentives drives participation in this program. See the list below for a launch plan and templates for messages and promotional materials you can customize for your workplace

Launch and communication plan

We’ve combined our experience and knowledge of health improvement programs to create a plan and guidelines for how to launch the health assessment at your workplace.

Download the plan

Prelaunch communications

Customize these messages to tell employees that the health assessment will be available soon, and why they should consider participating.

Download prelaunch communications

Launch communications

Use these materials to encourage employees to take the health assessment. Send them an invitation with instructions to participate, and then follow up with a reminder.

Download launch communications

Promotional materials

Reproduce this promotional poster and post it in high-traffic areas such as near copiers and water coolers, or in bathrooms and lunchrooms.

Download promotional material