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Your network depends on your plan.

Members: If you don’t know which network to search:

  • Find your network name on the front of your ID card as shown below
  • Find your network name in your health plan materials
  • Call the customer service number on the back of your member ID card
Not a member yet? Please refer to materials from your employer to know which network to search.

Please note:

Enrolling in BlueLink TPA does not guarantee services by a particular provider on this list. If you wish to be certain of receiving care from a specific provider listed here, you should contact that provider to ask whether or not the provider is still a BlueLink TPA network provider and whether or not the provider is accepting additional patients. We feature a large network of health care providers. Each provider is an independent contractor and is not our agent.

Most ID cards list the primary network on the front of the card.
Use the suitcase at the bottom to help find a provider when traveling.

ID card

If your member ID card states:


Our most extensive network, the Aware network includes 100 percent of the hospitals and 98 percent of the doctors in Minnesota and bordering counties.
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Blue Performance Regional

This tiered network helps you make informed choices about your health care costs yet still gives you access to all the providers in the broadest of the Minnesota Blue Cross networks. Lowest cost providers in each of several regions in Minnesota are featured in Tier 1.
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Blue Preferred POS

Gives you access to quality, cost effective providers in Wisconsin.
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BlueCard PPO

Select this national network if your member ID card shows the network name BlueCard PPO.
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National BlueCard / BlueCard Traditional

Select this national network if your member ID cards shows the network name National BlueCard.
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Searching for a provider outside of your primary residence or your ID card does not list a primary network.

Use the suitcase on your ID card to help find providers in the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

BlueCard PPO    BlueCard PPO logo

Select BlueCard PPO if your member ID card shows an image of a suit case with “PPO” inside.
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National BlueCard    National BlueCard logo

Select National BlueCard if your member ID cards shows an image of a plain suitcase.
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Searching for a provider while you are traveling outside of the United States:

If you are traveling outside the United States you can search for providers using the BlueCard Worldwide network.
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Other Network tips

Blue Distinction Centers

Find providers identified by Blue Cross as top quality for Bariatric (obesity) surgery, knee or hip replacement, spine surgery, treatment for a heart condition or a complex or rare cancer or transplant services. Your plan may require you to see a Blue Distinction provider for specific types of services to receive your highest level of benefits.
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