Fitness Discount

Get fit, Get Rewarded:

Receive $20 a month for working out

All you have to do is sign up for fitness discounts and work out the required number of times per month at a participating fitness center. Then wait for a $20 credit* after each month you have met the required number of workouts. (You can get up to $40 per household for adults covered under your plan.)

How does it work?

Present your member ID card with the fitness symbol to a participating fitness center to enroll in the program. If your card doesn’t display the symbol, you can order an updated member ID card by going to the Order ID Card section on the Member Center Home page. Fitness symbol:

Check in at the front desk every time you work out to ensure an accurate count of your workouts. If you meet the required number of workouts, you will receive a monthly credit on your dues statement (check with your fitness center).

Watch for your credit 30 to 60 days after each month you meet the required number of visits. (You may count only one workout session per day toward the visit requirement.) For example, if you completed your required number of workouts in February, you should see the credit to your account in April.

You will lose any unapplied reimbursements if you cancel your fitness center membership, the fitness center discontinues participation in the program, or you cancel your medical coverage.

Who is eligible?

Qualifying adults 18 years of age or older can participate in the program. Up to two adults per household may be covered under your plan.

How do I enroll?

Use the link below to find a participating fitness center in your area. You will see a link to "enroll" or "enroll online" for each fitness center. To complete your enrollment, information from your Member ID Card is needed.

Find a Fitness Center near you.