Over-the-counter (OTC) drug program

Some of the prescription drugs you may use are now available over the counter at your local pharmacy. These drugs are as safe and effective as the prescription versions. You can get these drugs at no cost* or at your health plan’s lowest copay amount when your doctor prescribes them.** Please see your plan benefit information for specific coverage details.

These drugs fall into two groups: some antihistamines for allergies and proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) for stomach disorders. When purchased over the counter, these drugs can cost much less than the prescription versions.

To get started

  • Discuss with your doctor if changing your prescription drug to an over-the-counter version is right for you. Or, your pharmacist can easily call your doctor for you.
  • Check the OTC drug list to see if your the over-the-counter version qualifies. See the OTC drug list (PDF).
    (The list is subject to change without notice.)
  • You will then need a prescription from your doctor for the over-the-counter version of your drug to get the coverage.

*Cost is included in the cost of your health plan. **HSA rules do not allow the cost of some drugs to be covered until the deductible has been met.