Quitting Tobacco Support

Kick the habit for good

You can use Quitting Tobacco Support whether or not you’re ready to quit. It’s easy, it’s confidential and it works.

It all begins with a phone call

Your personalized program begins when you call us. Call toll free 1-888-662-BLUE (2583) between 7AM - 8PM Central time Monday - Thursday or 9AM - 6PM Central time Friday to get started.
In just 15 minutes, a wellness coach will develop a quit plan with you, based on how long you’ve been using tobacco and any experiences you’ve had trying to quit. When you’re ready, you’ll schedule brief phone calls at times that work for you. Plus, you can call anytime for additional support.

Additional support you’ll receive

After your first call, you’ll get a workbook in the mail with tips for sticking with your plan and dealing with stress and cravings. You can also use the online tools and resources to help you track your progress between calls once you’ve started the program.

Quit aids can help, too

If you want to use a quit aid (patch, gum or lozenge), your wellness coach will help you figure out which would work best for you and walk you through how to use it. Call the customer service number on the back of your member ID card to find out about coverage for any quit aids.